Ethno Filmmaker & Content Creator


Audiovisual content for projects related to culture, travel, anthropology or documentary

Audiovisual productions that transmit the authentic essence of Africa and Asia

Knowing the ethnic diversity of the world, portraying the human essence and living adventures is what fills my soul.

Tell me the story of your project and I will travel wherever necessary to record and transmit its essence through my audiovisual productions.

Projects that have trusted me all over the world:

I want you to know that...

I am flexible like bamboo

I have a great capacity to adapt, whether in relation to the trip (arrows, places, conditions...) or in the formats of audiovisual content. Tell me what you need and I will adjust to your needs.

I have "Off-Road Mode" activated

I am like a 4x4: I adapt to the discomforts that may arise during the trip. To give you an idea, in my travels I have slept in all kinds of places such as out in the desert, temples, gas stations, mosques, forests and other harsh, although beautiful, places.

I work under the deepest respect

I have portrayed various ethnic groups and I know the importance of relating with respect and love. I have great sensitivity and know how to assertively handle complex situations that may arise.

My backpack is full of experience

And my passports are overflowing with stamps and experiences from remote places in Asia and Africa. The experience has allowed me to develop an essential awareness of how to portray these wonderful lands and their cultures.

I speak fluent English

I get along great in English and also, thanks to my previous trips, I speak Arabic 😉 Although as we know, sometimes it is not necessary to speak the same language to understand each other.

I am (too much) a perfectionist

When it comes to creating audio visually, my mind and heart turn towards a very attentive and genuine way of capturing and shaping stories through a very select aesthetic sensibility.

If you want me to move around to record your project, these are the steps we will follow:

Step 1:
We know each other

Contact me through the form to schedule a meeting and let’s face each other.

Step 2:

After knowing the needs of your project, I will send you a budget with my proposal.

Step 3:
We square dates

As soon as the budget is approved, we will balance agendas and organize the trip.

Step 4:
Let’s record!

Upon landing at the filming location, I will take out my cameras and begin production.

Step 5:

Once filming is finished, after the agreed time, you will receive a first edition so you can make corrections.

Step 6:
Final delivery

And as soon as everything is perfect, I will give you the final content so you can start spreading it.

Ready to reveal the most authentic side of your project?

Fill out the form and I will contact you
with you in less than 24 hours.


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