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Meeting the heart of Africa and Asia changed my life

And it all started with my first trip to the Indian subcontinent when I was very little. Thanks to my family and its strong connection with the Hindu worldview, I visited the depths of southern India on numerous occasions as a child, after having met Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) when I was barely 3 years old.

It was then when a great concern and a deep passion for knowing and exploring the different cultures that inhabit this planet awoke in me. And although since then I haven’t stopped traveling the world, at 18 I discovered a more genuine way of doing it, through hitchhiking and blending in and experiencing a more authentic coexistence with local people, which has nothing to do with visiting emblematic or tourist places. . Which would lead me to become an ethno filmmaker.

My most incredible experiences...

Mis experiencias más increíbles...

Contact and be the first to document the remote and unknown Saapa tribe:

After two days of trekking to their isolated village high in the mountains of northern Cameroon, where we spent some intense days with them.

Retratar y conectar con sufíes y grupos tribales hadendoa en Kassala, Sudán.

Portraying and connecting with Sufis and Hadendoa tribal groups in Kassala, Sudan:

An intense experience on my own feet that led me to delve into these idiosyncrasies of the Horn of Africa.

More adventures that I keep in my heart...

| I traveled through the western desert of Egypt, a forbidden area, and came into deep contact with the Siwi and Wahati cultures.

| I hitchhiked the 3,500 km of desert that separate the Jordanian capital of Amman with the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

| I crossed India from end to end hitchhiking across the Plains of Orissa from Calcutta to Cochin.

| I did the trans-Saharan route crossing Morocco, the Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal and back, hitchhiking more than 5000 km.

| I rode on the back of the ore-laden cars on the iron train that crossed the Mauritanian desert for almost 20 hours.


And in my backpack there is something that is never missing:
My cameras

Although I always try to carry just enough, in my luggage there is always space for my glasses along with a long list of gadgets and accessories to capture to the millimeter everything I observe and perceive.

And if you are wondering about my passion for audiovisual creation, I have to admit that I also pointed out ways since I was little. When I was barely 5 hands off the ground, I would get my friends together to make stories that would later be recorded and exported on a CD. This led me to graduate in Audiovisual Design at BAU Centro Universitario De Artes y Diseño de Barcelona.

And what was my great luck? Start in the world of work collaborating with conscious businesses and other nearby projects, and make my first work trips to Morocco and India, and later end up dedicating myself to my two great passions. And having traveled, worked and collaborated in some 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.


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